You’re In Charge

Tired of waiting for customers to walk thru the door?

Tired of waiting for the phone to ring?

Tired of waiting for people to visit your website?

Tired of looking at a stack of bills?

Well it’s time to change that stack of bills into stacks of money.

Time to get those customers coming thru the door.

Time to get that phone ringing off the hook.

And time to get lots of visitors to your website.

As a business owner, you have one advantage over everyone else – you’re in control of your destiny.

If you have friends and satisfied customers, we’ll show you how to turn them into money making machines, all with a few clicks of your mouse. And all in a matter of minutes, not days, not weeks, not months, but minutes

Not Long Ago

Not many years ago, it was very difficult for small businesses to find a proper place to advertise. Unless the ad was quite large, it got lost in newspapers, and television was too expensive. There were the flyers that went to the homes, and while they were affective for some businesses, they were not effective for other businesses, and generally speaking were quite expensive.

Businesses also used newsletters and other email programs, but while that helped to keep current customers informed as to what was going on, it was not very effective at bringing in new customers.

One of the ways that businesses found to bring in new customers was to offer coupons or discounts. But with all discounts and they are most effective when they reach the person near the time they are ready to make a purchase.

So many businesses were left with directory advertising and word-of-mouth advertising. And while word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising, it doesn’t bring in a whole lot of new business. Basically, it’s one person telling another person or two people telling another two people. But what makes word-of-mouth advertising effective 1s the fact that people believe a recommendation from a friend more than they believe an advertisement.

So the problem is how to reach a whole bunch of new customers without spending a lot of money. That’s where comes into play. Now your friends and satisfied customers can share your ad and what they like about your business not with one or two people but with all of their social media friends, and those friends, in turn, can share your with their friends.

With, you can start getting new customers, minutes after you ad is approved.

Now, you may be a little skeptical, but what if you had gotten to this page because a trusted friend recommended us to you and told you that he used our system and loved it.
That’s exactly how works — your friends and satisfied customers sharing what they like about you and your business with their friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Here’s the link to one of our ads: [ link.] Just click on the link, and then roll your mouse of the Share/Save button and share the ad with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media site.

This ad is linked directly to the page containing your discount, so when they c

Joining us is as simple as 123.

One you choose the type that you want a place on SupportWhatYouLike .Com.

Two you submit your advertisement.

Three you pay for your ad.

When your ad is approved, we will send you a direct link to your ad. This is the link that your friends and satisfied customers will use to go directly to your ad and then share that the ad with their friends on Facebook linked in twitter and other social media sites.

Audio File Post

Use your own audio file and upload it to WordPress or one from soundcloud:

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